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Brain Training Program

Improve your brain health and performance

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  • Enhance memory and attention
  • Web-based personalized training program
  • Track changes in brain performance

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The Science Behind Lumosity

GamesDesigned by neuroscientists, Lumosity exercises improve core cognitive functions.

Brain_scansResearchers have measured significant improvements in working memory and attention after Lumosity training.

GraphDozens of research collaborations help improve the Lumosity training program and its effectiveness.

Research Partners

Stanford Harvard


Medicare Abbott

What Users Say

Leslie“Since starting Lumosity, I find that I’m more alert and acquire new skills more easily.”
Leslie S.

Jeremy“I’ve been training daily for the past month and noticed dramatic improvements in my everyday cognitive abilities.”
Jeremy S.

Kay“I am absolutely hooked on the brain games. I remember things more easily and think faster.”
Kay J.


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